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The success of any operation is the people within the system who enjoy what they do and derive satisfaction from being a part of the whole.

To be a volunteer here with us at the Depot Museum is a very rewarding experience. The services you would be doing here would be the things you like to do the most and feel comfortable doing.

It is not necessary to be an expert at anything...it is not necessary to be a native of Avon Park...you do not have to have a great knowledge of any of the history, you will learn as you go, just as many of us did.  You can pick the time and day you would like to be with us. When events are happening at the museum we generally all work together for the success of that event.

Maybe you would like to help in the Dining Car when we have group luncheons. Maybe you have computer skills and would like to help in that capacity. Maybe you are a "people person" and comfortable with greeting and talking with visitors. Maybe you have decorating skills and suggestions for the appearance of the museum. Maybe you are a phone person and like taking calls and talking to people about our museum or scheduling events.

These are by no means inclusive of volunteer duties. You tell us what you would like to do or let us feel what you might be most suitable to do.

But, you have to CONTACT US...CALL US...tell us you would like to volunteer here at the Avon Park Depot Museum.  We need you..join and reap the rewards of being part of a great community organization. And..we will put a real nice photo of you on our Staff page!! Check it out.

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